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4 pieces storage food box

Stainless Steel Lunch Box 

Ø5.2*3cm            Capacity:50ml                   Weight:15g
Ø6.7*3.6cm         Capacity:100ml                 Weight: 42g
Ø8.5*4.4cm         Capacity: 220ml                Weight: 70g
Ø10.5*5.3cm       Capacity:400ml                 Weight:102g
Ø12.5*6cm          Capacity:700ml                 Weight:145g
Ø14.6*6.7cm       Capacity:950ml                 Weight:178g

●Material: Stainless steel,SGS304

●Finish:Boby with mirror polishing inside and stain finishing outside
●Each set in poly bags and a white box

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